Gang Colours: Brown

Turf: Carbanado, Puyallup

The Chulos (Spanish for “pimps”) are a Latino gang, whose Seattle chapter operate mostly in the Carbanado region of Puyallup. The gang originates from the California Free State, but chapters can be found in many large North American cities. The gang deals mostly in drugs and BTLs, particularly CalHot chips.

> Though they’re supposedly a Latino gang, they ain’t that fussy. If you come from the right ‘hood, you pretty much qualify as an honorary Latino as far as the gang’s leadership is concerned.
> Street Prophet

Player Knowledge

The players intervened in a Chulos drive-by shooting, just outside Underworld 93. Members of the gang sprayed automatic fire indiscriminately into the queue of people outside the club, in a bid to get some Cutters gangers who were dealing drugs/chips on Chulos turf. The players’ actions prevented too many civilian casualties, though many Chulos gang members were killed.


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