Gang Colours: Green and Gold

Turf: All over Seattle

The Cutters are currently one of the largest gangs in the Seattle area, and they claim large chunks of the metroplex as their turf. Despite their current size and power, the gang was nearly wiped out around twenty years ago. There is no hard data on what happened and gang members generally won’t discuss it, but there are rumours that a “plague” or “biological warfare” wiped out large swathes of the gang.

The gang specialises in protection rackets, smuggling and will often offer out members as hired muscle. The gang is known to operate with a very business-like structure, with different gang “bosses” responsible for different areas of the gang’s operations (War Boss, Head of Business Development, Accountant and so on). The current overall gang boss is Ivan “The Terrible” Janovich.

> So, worrying stuff – some of my contacts say the gang have hopped into bed with the Vory since Ivan came to power and they’ve been pushing the boundaries of their turf ever since. The weird thing is, the Cutters and the Vory used to fight regularly over the biz in certain chunks of the ’plex – rumour has it the Vory even had the last gang leader (the one before Ivan) killed.
> Street Prophet

Player Knowledge

The players spotted members of the Cutters dealing drugs/chips outside Underworld 93 on their first run. They subsequently helped fight off Chulos gang members, who fired indiscriminately into the crowd outside the club in a bid to kill the Cutters dealing on what they considered to be their turf. The Cutters gangers escaped with no obvious injuries.


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