Laurent Nazaire

Laurent nazaire   dwarf

A black Haitian dwarf with a French-Quebecois accent, Laurent Nazaire is a known high-ranking member of the Seattle branch of the Atlantean Foundation. It is believed that he is a magic user of some note.

> Some note indeed! I tried to read his aura the last time my group were employed by the Foundation and he had it locked up tighter than Fort Knox – I couldn’t determine anything beyond the fact that he was a dwarf, which was fairly obvious without the use of astral sight.
> Man O’ Mana
> I’ve done a few smuggling runs for this guy and, I gotta say, he’s always played me right. The Foundation often gets a bad write-up in the shadows, but Nazaire’s never been anything but straight with me.
> Wrench Monkey

Player Knowledge

Nazaire was waiting to speak to the players after MacCallister tasked them with finding Fiona Craig. How he knew they were on this job remains unclear. The players were offered ¥2,500 each if they could bring him a hunk of black stone, which he claimed Craig was bringing into Seattle to sell to the Atlantean Foundation. Nazaire met the runners seemingly alone, but several players spotted that he had back-up hidden in the shadows. The players opted to sell the stone to Moreau and the Draco Foundation instead and have not made contact with Nazaire since.

Laurent Nazaire

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