Lone Star

Lone Star Security Services is probably the largest private security company in North America. Estimates state that they fulfil around 60% of all security contracts in the UCAS, with an even higher percentage in the CAS, where they are head-quartered.

> They’re more popular with the good ole boys in the CAS ’cos they market themselves as pretty much the reincarnation of the Texas Rangers. Yeehaw!
> Sam U. Rye

The corporation made national news recently when they lost the high-profile security contract for the Seattle metroplex. The Seattle Governor Kenneth Brackhaven handed the contract to Knight Errant Security Services citing Lone Star’s failure to contain the fall-out from the Tempo drug wars and to apprehend the notorious “Mayan Cutter” serial killer.

> I’m not suggesting I feel sorry for the Star, but they’re definitely being sacrificed at the altar of the voting public by Brackhaven. He needed to do something as soon as he took office to meet his campaign promises of “safety for Seattle’s citizens” and it couldn’t have gotten more “decisive” than this.
> The Suit
> I kinda miss the boys in blue actually – better the devil you know and all that!
> Street Prophet

The blue uniforms worn by most personnel means that Lone Star are synonymous with “the cops” in many UCAS states.

Lone Star

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