Miracle Shooter

Miracle Shooter is the massively multiplayer VR game produced by Full Immersion Gaming, a subsidiary of Horizon based in Seattle. The original press release, a portion of which is reproduced below, caused a huge stir in the gaming community:

Horizon, Inc. is pleased to announce the new Full VR multiplayer game from Full Immersion Gaming, Miracle Shooter. This title is a true evolution of the FPS genre, incorporating bleeding edge simsense technology, meaning that players don’t simply see the Brazilian rainforest at the Founding of Amazonia and hear the screams during the Night of Rage, they also feel the Siberian winter while fighting in the Euro Wars.

These claims proved to be more than just marketing copy, as players of Miracle Shooter truly did feel every touch, smell every filthy alleyway, and even taste the blood in their mouths when they were shot. The developers even managed to make it so the experience differed depending on the metatype of the character played.

> Dwarf is by far the least popular metatype in the game – who the hell wants a less good field of vision in an FPS?.
> Steel Weevil
> Hey! Us stunties are still the race of choice if you wanna get the most out of the vehicles in the game. Sometimes racial stereotypes can be fun!
> Wrench Monkey

The game was not without controversy, especially due to the inclusion of the Seattle Night of Rage level. Metahuman rights groups condemned the game for “glorifying violence against metahumans” while current Seattle governer Kenneth Brackhaven indicated while on the campaign trail that he felt the game was problematic in its portrayal of metahumans – “I’ve never played it, but from my understanding, this level portrays all metahumans as victims and humans as evil racist terrorists. The good folks of Seattle will remember that things were much less black and white than that.”

> Do I even need to say what he really means by that?
> KT Funtroll

Despite (or perhaps because of) this coverage, the game was a massive success, and is still played by millions today. Regular DLC keeps the game ahead of many newer games in the sales charts.

> The latest DLC has caused almost as much controversy as the Night of Rage level. It involves a bunch of technomancers being held used in human experimentation breaking out. They’re being held by a corporation called “Mishuyama Consolidated Technology”. Not very subtle.
> 01

Miracle Shooter

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