Moreau   human ex runner

Moreau is a “trouble-shooter” working for the Draco Foundation in Seattle. He is thought to be an ex-runner and possibly ran with MacCallister at some point in the past. He is human, broad and well built, and probably in his late 40s to early 50s. He speaks with a hint of a Southern (CAS) accent.

> I ran with this guy on a job back when I was just a stripling. The man was a consummate professional, I can tell ya – made me wanna grow up to be just like him. Didn’t take no drek from nobody and happy to call you out as an ass-hole if he thought you were one. Damn sarcastic too. Always ready to recognise good work as well though. Straight-talkin’ slag, that’s for sure.
> Sam U. Rye

Player Knowledge

The players were tasked by MacCallister to find Moreau’s daughter, Fiona Craig, for their first run. They succeeded, finding her before Moreau’s own operatives could locate her whereabouts, which seems to have seriously impressed the old runner.

All of the players currently have Moreau as a Connection 4 – Loyalty 1 contact.


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