Pip   ork kid

I know EVERYTHING about the Underground ‘cos I’ve been down here since I was a little kid!

Pip is a young orphaned ork boy, living in the Seattle Ork Underground. He looks to be about 8 or 9 years old in ork terms (so he looks about 12 years old in human terms) and displays all of the infectious enthusiasm you’d expect from a kid of that age.

Pip talks incessantly if given free reign to do so; mostly about his favourite stories and urban legends about the Underground. Current favourites include; the haunted Amerindian graveyard (“I heard there’s Indian ghosts there and they’re really angry but if you know the secret password they give you magic powers and I’m really good at secret codes so that’s why I wanna find it!”) and the Ghost Gator (“it was a normal gator that got flushed down the toilet and got all mutated and stuff by the chemicals and now it’s all white and it can make itself invisible and it can walk on walls!”). Pip will also tell anyone that asks about what happened to his parents (“they took a bad chip and never got back up”. Despite his rough start in life, Pip’s spirit, happy attitude and enthusiasm shine through to all who meet him.

Pip is well liked in the Underground and the various denizens of the tunnels look out for him and make sure he doesn’t starve. He can often be found on the Tourist Highway, offering his services as a tour guide.

> Lots of us in the Underground have offered Pip a permanent home, but the little bugger just won’t stay put! I’ve put him up for the night countless times, but he’s almost always gone by the time I get up in the morning. He’s a wandering spirit I guess.
> Underground Angel
> Happy little fragger pulled my hoop out of the fire when I was chasin’ a bounty in the Underground last year. I was pinned down by fire from the Sons of Kham, when this smiley face with big tusks appears from a nearby alley and promises to get me outta there for 100¥. Kept his word too. I tipped him plenty generously, I can tell ya.
> Sam U. Rye

Player Knowledge

The players were guided to Pirate’s Cove by Pip when they were searching for Cap’n Jack Turner. They paid well for Pip’s guidance and have offered to buy him a commlink, to help them stay in touch should they ever need a guide again.

Hard Kore and Jack Blackstone currently have Pip as a Connection 1 – Loyalty 1 contact. Kamu has Pip as a Connection 1 – Loyalty 2 contact


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