Tempo is a bioengineered awakened drug (BAD), derived from a number of awakened plants and trees most commonly found in temperate jungle regions of Latin America. The refined drug is a crystalline powder with an oily shimmer, but is most commonly taken in the form of an adhesive “slap-patch”, applied to and absorbed through the skin.

Users of Tempo report a strong euphoric feeling and an enhanced sense of empathy towards other people. Scientific studies have shown that the drug significantly increases dopamine levels, leading to a greater sense of well-being, over-confidence and resistance to pain. Tempo is also a mild hallucinogen and some users claim that the drug allows them to perceive glimpses of astral phenomena even if they have no natural magical talent.

> Rumours abound of people taking the drug and getting “sucked” into the astral plane never to return. Complete poppycock!
> Man O’ Mana
> I’m sure the most extreme rumours are just urban legend, but I can definitely vouch for the whole “glimpses of astral phenomona” thing. I took the damn stuff once at a club and enjoyed the trip initially, but when I could suddenly see the huge guard spirits they were using for club security and they started noticing me back… I didn’t hang around and I haven’t touched the stuff since.
> Steel Weevil

Tempo is highly addictive both physically and psychologically and addicts often develop a tolerance to the drug’s effects with increased use, requiring larger doses. Negative effects of using the drug include insomnia, apathy, depression, lack of appetite and a feeling of dissatisfaction with “mundane” life.

The most common alternative street name for Tempo is “Flipside”. Users often refer to use of the drug as “flipping”, whilst strange or extreme behaviour when using the drug is referred to as “flipping out”.

Tempo is currently illegal in many nations, including UCAS.

> It wasn’t initially illegal in UCAS of course, which is part of the reason Lone Star had such a hard time containing the problem. Legislation moves much more slowly than the street and, by the time the law was in place, most of Seattle’s major crime syndicates were already openly at war, trying to smuggle enough of the stuff in to meet demand.
> Street Prophet
> Supply has severely dried up of late thanks to a coordinated effort between various governments and corps, hitting the largest manufacturers down in Amazonia. Aztechnology came out of the whole thing looking very good, providing a lot of the man-power used to shut down the factories. It’s been a while since they’ve had such good publicity.
> The Suit


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