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Tir Tairngire (pron. shir sha-irn-gir-ra) was formed in 2035 when the Cénesté, an offshoot of the elven Sinsearach tribe, claimed a large portion of Southern Salish-Shidhe Council lands as their own. The new nation immediately revoked its membership of the Native American Nations (NAN) and declared that it would be run on “the principles and values of ancient elven civilizations”.

The former state of Oregon, which makes up much of modern Tir Tairngire, saw an abnormally high rate of UGE births following The Awakening in 2011. In addition, at it’s founding, Tir Tairngire operated a liberal immigration policy for elves, convincing many to relocate to the newly founded ‘Land of Promise’. Although ostensibly a nation friendly to all metahumans, according to the last census 78% of the nation’s citizens are elves or metavariants of elves.

> That’s down on what it was too. Back in the 50’s the citizenship was almost 90% elven.
> The Suit

The split from the Salish-Shidhe Council was largely amicable, though there were some minor skirmishes when the rulers of the new country began to try and forcibly relocate non-elven Salish citizens. In 2036-37, shortly after formation, Tir Tairngire forces also invaded the North of the California Free State, resulting in a costly guerilla war. Some land was gained by the Tir before hostilities ceased and a large “disputed” zone remains between the two nations to this day.

> Relations still ain’t exactly friendly either. The folks in CalFree still see the Tir as the wolf at the door.
> Sam U. Rye

Until recently, Tir Tairngire was ruled by an autocratic monarchy. This “Council of Princes” was finally disbanded shortly after the second matrix Crash, when years of severe economic recession and political pressure, led by the rebel Rinelle ke’Tesrae (loosely translated as “Rebels of the Spire”), finally forced the Council to allow open and free elections. Of the original Council of Princes, only three members have been elected to the new democratic “Star Chamber”; Larry Zincan, an ork currently serving as the first elected High Prince; Hestaby, the great dragon; and Rex, the only Sasquatch on the original Council.

> Larry is much-loved by the citizens of the Tir, but he’s old for an ork. Rumour has it that he’s had some “treatments” to keep him going, but there’s not a lot of chance that he’ll still be in politics long past the end of his second term.
> KT Funtroll
> Much of the old Council of Princes fled the country after the revolution (some of them are even hiding out in Seattle apparently), but there are still plenty of them in the Tir, plotting their revenge from their massive fortified mansions. They’ve got long memories to go with those long lives you know?
> Rinelle Rinelle

Tir Tairngire

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