Black Hammer

Black Hammer is a small-time troll only gang, known to have links with the Ork Underground district of Downtown Seattle. The gang are believed to have a functional working relationship with other “goblin gangs” in the district.

> Gang initiation is by one-on-one bare-knuckle combat with an existing gang member until one person submits, passes out or, as has happened occasionally, dies. We’re dealing with trolls here people!
> Street Prophet
> Hey, I resemble that remark!.
> KT Funtroll

The gang mostly deals in low-level crime – drug and chip dealing and small-time protection rackets – and has a reputation for violence just for the sake of it. The current gang “President” is huge and goes by the tag “Freddy Nietzsche”.

> Prophet – have you heard anything about the guy, even bigger than the gang leader, who used to run with them. “Kanu” or something I heard he was called – dude looked like he could punch through walls. He was kinda tasty lookin’ too!
> Underground Angel
> Like ‘em big, eh? I know the guy you mean, but I don’t know much about him. I’ve heard he parted ways with the gang amicably (which I’ve never even heard of before) and might be working as a ‘runner these days. Can’t verify that though.
> Street Prophet
> It ain’t Kanu its Kamu. A while back, you couldn’t stand too close to Freddy K before this grunt had his foot on your throat. Thing was, most rookies wouldn’t spot him until he had their nose to the concrete. And Freddy’s piece on the back of the head. Once you know him, he’s easy to spot. Black as engine oil, tall, even for a troll, but wirey, not too thick set. Hands like baseball gloves.

I first picked him for another juiced-up poser cause he stood up so straight like a schoolboy. Then one night he got real serious with my mate X, who was sittin’ next to me in the seat of my ride. The prick hit X so hard he blacked out straight away, dribblin’ blood and teeth. That took us both by surprise – cause the window was shut at the time. I’m still picking bits of glass and teeth outta my dash.

If you like your face the way it is, I suggest you stay on this bastard’s good side, or get outta the way.
> KS

Black Hammer

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