Cap'n Jack Turner

A small-time smuggler and petty criminal, operating out of Pirate’s Cove in the Ork Underground. His boat is a distinctive red and black painted vessel called ‘The Fortune Hunter’. Cap’n Jack dresses flamboyantly, vaguely in the style of a trid-show pirate, and has a distinctive scar running across one eye.

Cap’n Jack has a reputation for doing whatever is necessary to maximise his profit, even if it means reneging on a deal or going back on his word.

Player Knowledge

The players rescued Fiona Craig from Cap’n Jack as part of their first serious run. Jack had kidnapped Fiona in a bid to make her help him sell a magical artefact that she had hired him to smuggle into Seattle.

The players turned Cap’n Jack (and his boat) over to Tosh Athack, having been tasked with capturing him by Dana Oaks. They have since discovered that Cap’n Jack was funded by the Seattle Mafia, specifically a mid-level lieutenant named Junior.

Cap'n Jack Turner

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