Governor Brackhaven

Governor Kenneth Brackhaven is the current Governor of the Seattle Metroplex and CEO of Brackhaven Investments. Born in 2011 in Bellevue, Seattle, Brackhaven ran for political office a number of times before becoming Seattle’s Governor. Most famously, he ran for President as the Archconservative candidate in the 2057 Presidential Election, coming second to President Dunkelzahn. Brackhaven’s campaign in 2057 was hampered by the revelation that he was not biologically related to the famous Brackhaven political family, but was actually secretly adopted by the family to replace a son who had died in childbirth.

> This article makes it sound like Brackhaven might have won the election if not for that revelation, when in actual fact the only reason that he even came second behind the wildly popular Dunkelzahn was his handling of the situation. His speech was a real master class in political “honesty” and it still tugs on the heart-strings if you watch it today. It’s worth looking up if you didn’t see it first time round.
> The Suit

Governor Brackhaven is now representing the Republicans in his office as Governor of Seattle, having run on a platform of “Security for Seattle” and has promised to make Seattle more “business friendly”.

> Not more Metahuman friendly though! What this article isn’t telling you is that Brackhaven has ties to the Humanis Policlub. He may not be an official card-carrying member, but they backed his run for office and his good ol’ boy uncle Karl was head of the organisation for most of little Kenny’s childhood. He’s still towing the “let’s all just get along” line right now, but you wait and see what happens to the Metahumans living in the margins of Seattle once this bastard’s policies come into full swing. I smell race riots!
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> Okay KT – let’s keep it friendly here on the forum though, eh?.
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One of Governor Brackhaven’s first acts as Governor was to hand the Metroplex security contract to Knight Errant Security Services, claiming that the incumbent Lone Star Security Services had let the Metroplex down in their handling of the Tempo drug wars.

> And those jack-booted boy soldiers have been doing their best to make a very public show of restoring order ever since. Make sure you’ve got a decent fake ID if you’re going anywhere near the nicer ends of the ’plex, because there are patrols stopping and searching anyone with even a whiff of trouble about them.
> Street Prophet
> It’s also worth noting that Lone Star are still far from down and out in Seattle. They still hold the contracts for all of Seattle’s prisons (that was a separately negotiated contract) and they’re the largest provider of security to private customers in the Metroplex after the Knights.
> The Suit

Governor Brackhaven is a widower with no children.

Governor Brackhaven

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