Ork hacker 4   bull

I’m a decker not a hacker, fraggit!

William “Bull” MacCallister is a well-connected fixer operating in the Seattle area. MacCallister has been working as a fixer since at least 2072, before which time he is known to have operated as a shadowrunner for well over a decade. In his time as a ‘runner, he earned a reputation for reliability and is said to have had a knack for working well with just about anyone. It is believed that MacCallister’s current considerable network of contacts in the Seattle underworld were largely obtained whilst running the shadows.

MacCallister’s exact age is unknown, but he is an older ork, with grey showing in his hair and beard. He also styles himself as something of an anachronism and is known for wearing clothes more suited to shadowrunning in the 50s and for the use of outdated street slang such as “frag”, “drek” and “hoop”.

> Don’t let this guy’s dress sense fool you. Rumour has it that ancient cyberdeck he keeps strapped to his arm has a bleeding edge commlink inside the casing, as in military grade hardware. Despite his age, the guy’s still got a reputation as a nova-hot decker… I mean hacker!
> Steel Weevil
> I’ve heard that MacCallister works closely with a number of Metahuman rights groups, especially those representing the interests of orks.
> KT Funtroll

Player Knowledge

The players were tasked by MacCallister to locate a missing woman, Fiona Craig, for their first serious run as a crew. Craig was the daughter of Moreau, a close friend of MacCallister’s. The fixer stressed the importance of the job, stating that he couldn’t take it on personally as he was already working security as a favour to another old friend, Maria Mercurial. The player’s succeeded in rescuing Craig and further impressed MacCallister with their actions at Underworld 93, where they took out a crazed gunman and helped to minimise casualties in a gang drive-by outside the club.

All of the players currently have MacCallister as a Connection 5 – Loyalty 2 contact.


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